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Website Busienss Opportunities


Pajezy.com inc is growing! 

To ensure that we continue to provide quality services and fast turnarounds, we are seeking great people for the following:
(click on any link below for more information about each)

  • Designers
    • developers with graphics, .html, .php and .css skills

  • Technicians
    • webmasters with graphics, layout, publishing and copy writing skills

  • Salespeople
    • likable people with people skills and sales skills (we do NOT advocate "hard sell"!)

  • Entrepreneurs
    • go-getters willing to work extra hard without a lot of money, or still work hard with some money to invest

  •  Free Affiliates
    people wanting to make easy money with simple referrals

Website Designers

Website Designers

We have a current need for really good, fast designers to add to our library of themes for the pajezy website design program.

In order to succeed, you must possess the following skills:

  1. You must be proficient in HTML
  2. You must be expert in CSS
  3. You must be knowlegdeable of basic PHP
  4. You must be great with Graphic Design

If you are NOT what you must be, please don't waste our time!

We pay $50 - $500 for themes.

Pajezy themes hold it all together!

Pajezy dispensed webpages are clean and compliant HTML.  There are no messy, on-page styles to bog down on-site SEO and pages have .php file extensions to enable virtually unlimited expandability.

Pajezy is NOT a "Templated System".  It is a uniquely created theme-driven CMS (Content Management System).

Every website SHOULD conform to common conventions, and pajezy dispenses pages that have embedded comformity modules, we ensure that our clients sites do just that: conform to common conventions.

A few common conventions are:

  1. The company brand and contact information visible on every page - and at the same place on every page - typically at the top of the page and also called the "header."
  2. The navigation either at the top of the page or the left side of the page with main navigational links viewable on every page.
  3. Standardized navigational and on-page hypertext links with mouse-over effects that indicate it is anchored text.  These colors should complement the overall style and colors of the site.
  4. Text that is displayed in the most common, easy-to-read fonts.
  5. Heading sections for text that are preceded with Heading tags.
  6. Embedded images with appropriate Alt tags.
  7. Standard Title tag and META tags properly identified.
  8. External CSS for on-page styles and consistency and minimal use of tables.  (Table properties managed via CSS instead).
  9. META tags identifying the site generator, site author, document type and content type.
  10. Copyright bearing the website owner's ID - not the site generator or software.
  11. Site developer identified below the copyright line.
  12. Appropriate license identification at the bottom of the page.

The pajezy theme queries database elements (both from the program and user submissions) and references other scripts (trade secrets), compiles the result and then dispenses the pages via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to any server anywhere in the world!

Because of this, pajezy websites will work on any server that supports PHP, which is nearly 100% of webhosting companies.  (Many hosts that provide FREE or really cheap hosting do not support PHP).

Pajezy themes can be configured any way we want, however, you will only find themes readily available that conform to ALL common conventions.

Each pajezy theme requires the following files:

  • theme.html
  • style.css
  • theme.ini
  • images (/i folder)

If you are interested in creating themes for us, contact us and we will give you a test assignment.


Website Technicians


Webmasters that work with pajezy distributed websites are known as pajezy certified technicians.

A technician differs from a designer / developer in these ways:

  1. A technician is primarily a webmaster that builds the website with content: graphics, text, and other media, while a designer/developer is the architect that designs the website.
  2. A technician must have an eye for foreground layout and balance while a designer has to work with background layout, color, form and function.
  3. A technician must possess good writing and English grammer skills, while a designer/developer doesn't need to be able to write or spell!

Webmasters that become proficient in the use of the pajezy website design program earn $25 per hour or more.

If you would like to learn how to become a pajezy certified technician, contact us.


Website Salespeople


The Pajezy Philosophy On Sales

  1. Successful sales starts with having a firm conviction of the value of the products or services being offered.   This does not require intimate knowledge of every detail, but demands that the salesperson has been through a thorough process of inquiry about what he is promoting with a positive outcome.
  2. Successful sales is an outcome based upon legitimate persuasion resulting from the transfer of facts and actuals with a sincere belief that the products or services being offered have real benefits to the prospect, and those benefits have been clearly presented.
  3. Successful sales is a process built upon a trust relationship that demands time.
  4. The sales process should never be uncomfortable for the salesperson or the prospect.
  5. Good salespeople focus upon education, not manipulation.
  6. Good salespeople are magnets that draw people to themselves, not bull dozers that push people around.
  7. Good salespeople are honest and provide full disclosure and NEVER use deception.
  8. Good salespeople are great listeners and proficient note takers.
  9. Good salespeople's earnings are simply a result of matching the needs of the prospect with appropriate products and servcies.  Their income is driven by their client's needs, not their own.
  10. Good salespeople study to sell suitably.  They have taken adequate time to listen, learn and educate the prospect so that they are neither being undersold nor oversold.
  11. Good salespeople know that a client should never have valid unfulfilled expectations.  If what the client wants is out of their reach because they cannot provide it or it cannot be done within their budget, the salesperson should let the client know.
  12. Good salespeople can soundly answer objections and know when objections offered are genuine efforts to get more information or not.

The 12 Step Sales Process

  1. Educate youself.
  2. Know your target.
  3. Create a prospecting plan.
  4. Make contact with prospects and qualify them.
  5. Get useful information to qualified prospects. (but not too much!)
  6. Followup and ask if they read the information you provided and ask if they have questions.
  7. Answer any questions that they have and request an appointment with the purpose of better understanding their needs and goals.
  8. Prepare for your appointment and have your questions outlined as well as your agenda and goals for the meeting.
  9. Email the prospect with a reminder of the meeting and provide your agenda.   This way they know what to expect.
  10. Followup with a proposal via email within 1-3 days if you can.  If it is going to take longer, let them know!  When you send this email, invite them to call you if they have questions and let them know that you will follow up and when.
  11. Followup on the proposal you sent and ask if they have questions.
  12. Get the agreement or contract signed.

Want to learn more about a rewarding sales career with pajezy?  Contact Us.


Website Entrepreneurs

Now YOU can own and operate your own, profitable website development and marketing company by harnessing the power of the pajezy.com website design software.

 Visit Our Business Opportunity Website Here

Free Affiliates

The pajezy free affiliates program is open to everyone.  Simply recommend others to our pajezy online store using your affiliate's link.  Signup only takes a few minutes and you're off!

Free Affiliates Program - Signup Now!