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Licensee Lead Form

Thank you for participating in your private label program.  If you would like for us to follow-up on your lead via your brand, please follow the rules!

Be sure of these things before completing and sending this form:

  1. The individual we are contacting is expecting us to contact them.  If you have not already received permission from your lead to have us call them, then DO NOT complete this form.

  2. You have an idea of the generally best day(s) and time(s) for us to contact them.  If you do not, discover this first, then complete the form below.

  3. You have either personally distributed business cards or rack cards to them, mailed to them, talked to them on the phone, or emailed information to them.

  4. They will not say something like "Who?" (not knowing who we are or who you are...) when we tell them that we are calling on your behalf.
 Your License Number*

About Your Lead ...

 Best Contact for you Now: Best Phone Number and Best Time to Call:*

 What Business is Your Lead in?*

 Full Name*

 Phone Number(s) and Best Time(s) to Call?*

Do You Want Us To Try a Conference Call with You AND Your Lead?*

 Email Address?*

Does Your Lead Already Have A Web site For Their Business?*

 If Yes, What is Your Leads Present Web site URL?

Which Services is Your Lead Interested In?   Check all that apply.

  Website Construction / Reconstruction / Development

  Website Editor Subscription Service

  Website Hosting

  Website Maintenance

  Website Marketing (Search Engine Optimization)

  Logo Development / Corporate Identity / Graphic Design

  Printed Media (Business Cards, Rack Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Direct Mailers ...)

  Inbound Links Programs

  Call Center Services

  Content Managment (ContentMajik.com)

 Additional Questions, Notes, or Instructions

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